How do I charge an ebike?
If you have access to a powerpoint you can charge up your SEB battery. All SEB bikes have batteries that can be unattached from the bike and taken inside to charge. The time taken to charge depends on the size and type of the battery. Some SEB’s have larger batteries for maximum distance and others are smaller to keep the weight down. Factor in an average of three to four hours for a full charge.
Overnight is the most practical time to charge but there is no reason not to top up the charge during the day. All SEB’s have a charge indicator to let you know how much juice is left in the battery so you can plan your trip. Unlike a car, if you run out of juice, you can always just pedal!
We do have some recommendations and guidelines to maximise the life of SEB batteries. Ask us direct and we can make sure you'll get the maximum life out of your battery
A2B Hybrid 24 Electric BIcycle 07

What does it cost to charge a SEB?
The total cost to charge a typically sized SEB battery is less than 15 cents. That will get you an easy 30km's travel. Yes you read that correctly. Compare that to the cost of keeping a car on the road!

How far will a SEB take me?
Your range is dependant on a range of factors but an average of 30 to 40km's is a good figure to base your trip on. The battery size is the main factor, the bigger the battery, the more juice and further it will take you. Some of our bikes will take you 50km's or more. Your weight also plays a part and the type of terrain you are riding.
Here is a quick trip guide based on battery Amp Hours.
9AH > 30 to 40km
10AH > 35 to 45km
12AH > 50 to 65km
14Ah > 65 to 85
17Ah > 85 to 115km

It is important to emphasise that these distances are based on pedal assistance, not sitting on your butt and letting the SEB do all the work. Obviously if you only used the SEB to assist you on hills, and you only had a few hills on your journey, you could ride many km.

Isn’t it lazy to ride an electric bike?
Most definitely not! Riding a SEB will get your heart rate up without a doubt. You will be able to travel about five times the distance of your average pedal powered ride so you will more than likely do the same if not more exercise on a SEB than a normal bike.

You will get as hard a workout as you want, the pedal assistance is really just to take out the hardest parts of your journey, we don’t suggest you let the motor do all the work.


Think of it like using an exercise bike at the gym, with a constant exertion or cadence. You will get into shape without the need for gut wrenching exertion and all the associated wear and tear on your joints. Just start using a SEB bike for all, or at least some, of your commuting for the ultimate fitness regulator.

What is throttle mode?
Electric Bicycles come in a few different flavours when it comes to controlling the power of the motor.
The most simple is the Throttle only mode. Operating just like a motorcycle, a throttle can be found either on the left or right side of the handlebars and is spring loaded so when it is not used the default position is off. Some throttles are full grip twist ones, others use a half grip and our favourite is the discreet thumb throttle. Very easy position to activate.
More often than not the throttle activates the motor whether or not you are pedalling. This style of riding is not possible in Europe as electric bicycles are defined always as "electric assist", you have to be pedalling at all times to get the benefit of power assistance. Currently in Australia we don't have that requirement so it's possibly to have throttle bike that could be ridden without pedalling. We don't encourage that as the whole point of Ebikes in our mind is to get significant health benefits. Your range from your battery will also be drastically reduced.
The main reason people enjoy the Throttle only mode is to get some assistance moving away from a stationary position, especially on hills. This can also be achieved by the proper use of your gears and making sure to shift down to an easy gear before you stop, so we don't see Throttle only mode as critical to the success of your ride.
Some bikes such as the eZee and Promovec range of ebikes have a throttle but it will only be activated when you are pedalling. These bikes are very popular in Europe thus the design. This is not a bad design as the bike can be ridden just like a normal bike but when you want power assistance it's a simple twist of the throttle.

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What about pedal assist mode?
Pedal Assist is the other main design. In this setup there is no throttle on the bike, the only way to get assistance is to pedal. Most bikes with this setup will have a controller on the handlebars that allows the rider to adjust how much power you receive. Either three levels of assistance, just like Low - Medium - High or up six levels. This way you can focus on riding and let the bike assist you automatically. It also saves considerable wrist strain as holding a throttle over a long period of time can be hard work on your hand. Some bikes like the eZee range can be used in Pedal Assist mode but the throttle is always on, irrespective of pedalling. I good way to ride an Ebike like this is to use the PAS mode in a medium setting then override with the throttle when you get to the hills.

The higher end bike range go one step further by integrating a Torque sensor in the cranks of the bike. This is a more "intelligent" ebike system as the power assistance is provided in response to the riders efforts. The more effort you put in the more the bike helps you. A very efficient use of the juice.

It takes a good couple of test rides to find out what setup suits. We find that most people intuitively like the idea of throttle mode but when they get used to PAS they prefer it, especially for a longer commute.